Chithha Movie Review (2023)

Sensitivity & Maturity

Tackles child sexual abuse with profound sensitivity and maturity.

Outstanding Performances

Siddharth's career-best performance; Nimisha Sajayan and Sundari shine.

Top-Notch Filmmaking

Excellent direction, cinematography, editing, and impactful music elevate the film.

Emotional Depth

A hard-hitting tale of abuse coupled with a powerful story of survival and hope.

Lasting Impact

Leaves a deep emotional impact, lingering in the viewer's mind long after watching.


Challenges viewers to contemplate societal issues, promoting critical thinking.

Social Relevance

 Important for raising awareness about child sexual abuse, sparking essential conversations.

Inspirational Story

Portrays resilience and courage, inspiring audiences to confront difficult realities.


A compelling narrative that appeals to those appreciating profound and socially relevant cinema.


Serves as a catalyst for societal change, encouraging action against child sexual abuse.