Skanda 1st Day Collection: Stunning Numbers Unveiled!

Impressive First-Day Collection

Skanda earned ₹12.30 Cr net in India on its opening day, making a strong box office debut.

Global Success

The movie's worldwide collection stood at ₹16.50 Cr on the first day, reflecting its international appeal.

Overseas Recognition

Skanda also made a mark overseas, collecting ₹2.00 Cr, indicating its popularity beyond Indian borders.

India Gross Earnings

The film's gross collection in India reached ₹14.50 Cr on its first day, showcasing its commercial viability.

Telugu Audience Dominance

Skanda captured 54.93% occupancy in Telugu theaters, with a strong presence throughout the day's shows.

Hindi Audience Engagement

The film garnered 22.91% occupancy in Hindi theaters, drawing significant audiences in the afternoon and night shows.

Tamil Audience Response

Skanda received a 15.94% occupancy in Tamil theaters, with a notable presence in the afternoon and night screenings.

Morning Show Impact

The movie started its day with a strong Telugu occupancy of 48.48%, setting a positive tone for the subsequent shows.

Evening Show Surge

Skanda's evening shows saw a spike in audience engagement, particularly in Telugu theaters, reaching 56.44%.

Night Show Thrive

The night shows were the peak hours for Skanda, with 61.88% occupancy in Telugu theaters, highlighting its strong nighttime appeal.