The Vaccine War 1st Day Collection: Is It Mega Hit?

Disappointing Debut

Vivek Agnihotri's "The Vaccine War" opens weakly, earning just Rs 1.3 crore on its first day, falling below expectations.

Kashmir Files Comparison

In contrast, Agnihotri's previous film, "The Kashmir Files," started strong with Rs 3.55 crore, setting a higher benchmark.

Slow Audience Engagement

Despite being India’s first 'bio-science' film, showcasing the creation of Covaxin, the audience response remains lukewarm.

Mixed Critical Reception

Critics' reviews are divided, indicating a disconnect between the film's promotional claims and audience expectations.

Tough Competition

Released alongside "Fukrey 3," which earned Rs 8.5 crore, "The Vaccine War" faces stiff competition from established movies like Shah Rukh Khan's "Jawan."

Jawan's Sustained Dominance

Jawan" continues its strong performance, making Rs 5.50 crore on its 22nd day, posing a significant challenge for new releases.

Challenges in Visibility

Agnihotri voiced concerns about reviews being suppressed due to undisclosed reasons, impacting the film's visibility and audience reach.

Tax-Free Advantage

Unlike "The Kashmir Files," which was declared tax-free in many states, "The Vaccine War" lacks this advantage, affecting its potential audience base.

Marketing Impact

The film's promotional strategies might not have resonated well with the audience, leading to a slower uptake despite the intriguing premise.

Longevity Uncertainty

Given the challenging start and strong competition, the film's longevity in theaters remains uncertain, affecting its overall box office prospects.