Virat Kohli's Highest Score in ODI

Virat Kohli is one of the greatest batsmen of all time, and he has scored many incredible centuries in ODI cricket.

His highest score in an ODI is 183, which he scored against Pakistan in the 2012 Asia Cup.

In addition to his 183 against Pakistan, Kohli has also scored several other high scores in ODI cricket. His other top five scores are:

Kohli's Other High Scores

* 160 vs Sri Lanka (2018)

* 157 vs West Indies (2018)

* 154 vs New Zealand (2016)

* 153 vs Australia (2019)

* 149 vs South Africa (2018)

Kohli's record in ODI cricket is phenomenal. He has scored over 12,000 runs, with 46 centuries and 65 half-centuries

Kohli's Record

He is the fastest batsman to reach 10,000 runs in ODI cricket, and he is also the only batsman to score 500+ runs in a bilateral ODI series.

Kohli's Record