Skanda Movie Review: It can be a Masterpiece

"Skanda" marks the first collaboration of Energetic Star Ram Pothineni and mass director Boyapati Sreenu, creating significant anticipation.

Unique Collaboration

The story revolves around political vendetta, love, and mystery, with Ram Pothineni playing Bhaskar Raju, a pivotal character in the complex narrative.

Intriguing Plot

Ram impresses with his physical transformation and powerful dialogue delivery, especially in action sequences, enhancing his mass appeal.

Ram Pothineni’s Stellar Performance

While Sreeleela's performance is average, Srikanth and Daggubati Raju shine in their roles, adding depth to the storyline.

Supporting Cast

Thaman's outstanding score elevates the film, enhancing key scenes and adding energy to the overall viewing experience.

Thaman’s Musical Brilliance

Boyapati Sreenu’s trademark illogical yet thrilling action sequences might be a turn-off for those seeking logical narratives, affecting the film's overall believability.

Cinematic Flaws

The film struggles with a clichéd plot, lacking originality, and a second half that loses momentum, impacting the overall pacing and engagement.

Plot Redundancy

Introducing numerous characters without significant contributions to the plot confuses the narrative, diluting the impact of the main storyline.

Character Overload

While a few songs stand out, the overall song placement and composition lack finesse, making them forgettable for the audience.

Musical Arrangement

Despite its flaws, the film excels in technical aspects like cinematography, background score, and production values, contributing to its visual appeal.

Technical Brilliance